TVR M-Series Special Equipment

Taimar Turbo SE
One of the four original factory built SE Turbos (3 x Taimars, 1 x 3000S)
Flared arches, Compomotive SM split rim wheels, moon roof, electric mirrors, full leather, Wilton carpets, air-con, walnut dash, graphic equaliser
Photo on right shows difference in rear wheel-arches compared to standard Turbo

3000M Turbo & 3000S Turbo SE
This 3000M Turbo has been given the "SE treatment"
The one and only 3000S Turbo SE with first owner Martin Lilley at the wheel

Taimar SE
This unblown SE Taimar was built by TVR after normal M-Series production had ceased

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All photos © Chris Howson 1999

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